olympia greek taverna meat dinners *souvlaki *kleftico *lamb chops *lamb trio paidakia herino mousaka *athenian chicken *brizola gyros chicken pita tender chunks of meat on a skewer & broiled just the way you like choice of: chicken, lamb, beef, or prawns or combination of any two an old country recip, slow roasted shoulder of lamb rack of lamb chops broiled to your liking with  our traditional greek spices lamb souvlaki, rack of lamb chops & kleftico layers of potato, eggplant & zucchini with seasoned ground meat in the middle & topped with bechamel sauce chicken breast broiled to perfection & topped with tomatoes, feta, & extra virgin olive oil seasoned beef & lamb, tomatoes, onions & tzaziki wrapped in a pita chunks of chicken, tomatoes, onions & tzaziki wrapped in a pita All dinners served with greek salad, vegetable  rice & roast potato Substitute rice and roast potato for lasagna, spaghetti, or baked spaghetti  $4 canadian AAA beef aged 28 days and broiled just the way you like it 10 oz New York     $33 8 oz Top Sirloin     $28
spanakopita spinach, onions, feta & dill wrapped in filo pastry
a full pound of pork baby back ribs with your choice of:  * greek spices, bbq sauce or teriyaki sauce served with choice of: rice & roast potato, lasagna, spaghetti, baked spaghetti, or peppered fries
Prices do not include tax * gluten free choice