olympia greek taverna “Greek Way of Eating”   The Greek people like other southern Mediterranean  cultures, enjoy taking their time when dining and enjoy  eating a variety of foods at each meal. They love to relax with family and friends and indulge in long conversations while enjoying good food and wine. Hours will go by as they sample a variety of copiously prepared plates, each made with the freshest ingredients possible. They do not order individual meals, but a variety of plates which can be shared by all. This allows them to sample different foods and makes the main focus of  the evening the conversation and each other’s company.  Our new menu focuses on this philosophy. The sharing of plates created with the freshest ingredients and lingering conversation with family and friends. Go ahead and order a glass of wine and sample some of our smaller or larger plates, and immerse yourself in the “Greek Way of Eating”    “Thou shouldst live to eat; not eat to live”
Delivery fees: 0km - 3km: $5 3km - 5km: $6 5km - 7km: $8 7km - 10km: $10 10km+: $15